High-Class Team Race

A top team is created from a top-class employee experience. Excellent employee experience means more innovation, greater customer satisfaction and better results. Employee experience, of course, is not just about team days and break exercises. It is a personal and holistic experience that encompasses everything experienced, perceived, and known during the employment relationship.

ZOOATHLON has been developed in collaboration with experts in teamwork development and gaming. We want to be one of the pieces that builds your company’s great employee experience. So come build an even better employee experience at ZOOATHLON!

The Course of the Team Day

To conserve team spirit and endangered species, the ZOOATHLON Team Day includes an exciting race route and a world-class taste trip menu. The teams spend the whole day safely without contact with each other. So you can do something together since a long time without fear of exposure. The only external contact is the race guide that guides your team race and takes care of safety.

The day at Korkeasaari Zoo starts with a snack and a lemon rhubarb drink, which comfortably gives energy to the team race.

The team race is designed not only as a top-level experience but also as a team-builder. It underpins trust and a safe atmosphere between team members that allows you to both succeed and fail. All seven race points have been inspired by the characteristics of the inhabitants of Korkeasaari Zoo. You get to test whether your team is witty as a raven, agile as a snow leopard, or strong as a European bison.

Team members have their own role in each task, and they are not performed solo but in collaboration. Team members are required communication, agility, listening to others, identifying strengths, leadership and, of course, flock intelligence, among other things. In addition to the brain muscle, the race points move the whole body and tease the laughing nerves.

As a reward for completing the race route brilliantly, the team will receive a world-class taste trip, which is worth the hassles experienced on the route. The delicacy begins with appetisers from four continents. The main course is delicacies from Lapland. For dessert, you will enjoy a taste experience from South America.

After experiencing ZOOATHLON, you are not only happy and fulfilled, but also a more cohesive, efficient and better team. Welcome from before Zoom to ZOOATHLON! Run for your team spirit to Korkeasaari Zoo!

Conserve endangered species and your position with protection money

The main goal of the team day is to conserve the team spirit, but since it is a ZOOATHLON, all achievements will also receive a gold, silver or bronze medal. ZOOATHLON’s medal table is ruthless, but luckily the race jury can be bribed with protection money. The more you raise protection money, the higher you will be on the leaderboard. You can choose Amur tiger and leopard, snow leopard or Korkeasaari Wildlife Hospital.


2300 €

+ VAT 24%


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Choose a suitable race start for your team between May 2 and June 17, 2022. One start can accommodate eight teams. Departures are on weekdays at 9 am and 1 pm. The duration of the team day is 5 hours.


All companies and communities are welcome to join ZOOATHLON. You can enter one or more teams in the race. A team hosts 4-8 members and any person, whether employee, customer or a partner you invite to join.


Without a vibrant team spirit, there is no success. Right now, the encounters are on the card and the team spirit is threatened. Conserve your team spirit in the highland ZOOATHLON from endangered to vibrant. Safely outdoors only with your team!


Team spirit is fine when everyone is allowed to be relaxed themselves. The best way to take care of team spirit is to put up a race for a common goal. At the same time, you will experience something new and unique on the top-level track. So free your team from Zoom to ZOOATHLON!


The road to the heart of the team goes through the stomach. The day culminates with a world-class taste journey among the team in the ZOOATHLON race village. Nourish the team spirit with a quality meal, together!