Get to know the Team Race Route

Bring your team to compete on a top-notch race route designed by teamwork and gaming professionals, built on the stunning scenery of Korkeasaari Zoo. Along the way, the excitement of an escape room game meets the fun of an adventure track. Race points test whether your team is as strong as an European bison, as agile as a snow leopard, and as clever as a raven.


Eagle's Nest

A stunning scenery opens from the heights of the Eagle’s Nest, but will you see a map with which to guide your team through the Labyrinth of the Cat Valley.

Bearded Vulture

Strong as a European Bison

European bison is as strong as….well an European bison. It is not won by force. That is why your team must use intelligence. How to carry the largest possible weights when you do not know what the equipment can withstand? There’s a nut for you.

European bison

Polar Bear Castle Puzzle

The puzzle is easy and quick to put together if you know what it should look like. Unfortunately, the information is behind the iron doors. Is your team’s speed and resourcefulness enough to find the key to the problem? And how in the world can a pyramid be built outside the castle at the same time?

Mongolian wild ass

Snow leopard’s digital jump

The snow leopard jumps as much as 15 meters. Is the agility of your team enough to figure out how you can do the same. You will not survive this leap with a Teams meeting or Excel session.

Snow leopard
Mongolian villihevonen

Communication Breakdown - Now listen!

The Mongolian wild horse is good at what teamwork is based on, ie hearing. This race point tests how well you listen to each other. If communication coughs, the message is misunderstood and the result is disaster, but luckily so that’s fun.

Mongolian wild horse

Taste Shoot

Is your team’s sense of taste as accurate as The White-lipped Peccary’s, and do you know what flavour the animals of the Korkeasaari Zoo like. If you don’t, your taste sling shoot with a huge sling shot could become a search shoot.

White-Lipped Peccary

Escape from Bear Castle

You are trapped behind the bars of the old Little Bear Castle. Getting out requires raven-like wit. Is the wisdom and reasoning of your team enough?